The UWI Label is a smart label which tells you at a glance if a product is still safe to use. It reduces waste, reduces risk, and saves money. Reassuringly Simple.

Which features of the UWI Label make it exceptional?

Clearest displayThe UWI label has one of the clearest displays of any time indicator label, it can be viewed from a distance and understood in an instant. It uses the universal colour code of green for good, and red for bad.
No human error Our labels eliminate human error, as they are activated automatically when the container is opened. No need to remember to activate the label, nor to remember when you first opened the container.
Tailor madeAs a small company, our advantage stems from our flexibility, speed and tight control over the entire process from design to manufacture. We can customise any elements you need: graphics, label size, timeframe, etc.
Unique technologyMany years of rigorous scientific and technical development have refined our unique microfluidic technology. So when the UWI Label is green, you can be really confident a product is safe to use.

What are the benefits of the UWI Label?

Reduces riskOur label enhances your current processes, without replacing them. This gives the user added confidence that a product is safe.
Reduces wasteThe UWI Label reduces waste, as you do not discard good and effective products. It improves stock management, and ensures products are used at their best quality.
Saves moneyThe UWI Label saves you money as you waste less, it saves the cost of having to repeat jobs using ineffective product, and saves fines or compensations associated with non compliant products.

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