The UWI Label is a smart label which tells you at a glance if a product is still safe to use. It reduces doubt, waste, risk, and saves money. Reassuringly Simple.

UWI Label Unique Features

Clearest DisplayThe clearest display of any smart label. Viewed from a distance, understood in an instant. Universal colour code: green is good, red is bad.
Automatic ActivationThe only label which is activated automatically as the container is opened. So no need to remember to activate the label.
Unique TechnologyMany years of rigorous scientific development have refined our unique patented technology. Not only the most accurate label on the market, but also the clearest and easiest to use.
Tailor MadeWe can customise any elements you need: branding, graphics, size, timeframe, etc. Our agile company advantage is a tight control from design to manufacture.

UWI Label Benefits

  • Reduces Risk. Complete confidence in product safety. Reduces risk of using out of date, ineffective or even harmful products.
  • Reduces Waste. No longer discard good and effective products. It improves stock management, and ensures products are used at their best.
  • Saves Money. Reduces high cost of rework, reduces potential fines for non compliance, reduces waste.
  • Adds Value to your Brand. Gives your brand a competitive advantage. Encourages brand loyalty.

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