UWI Technology was founded in 2009 when CEO and Inventor, Pete Higgins, couldn’t tell whether a jar of mayonnaise he’d found in the fridge was still good to put in his son’s sandwich. Like so many of us with our children’s food, he wasn’t willing to risk it, so binned it. And so the concept for the UWI Label was born.

The UWI Label is an elapsed time indicator showing the time since opening or mixing. It starts automatically and has a clear and simple graphical display showing green when it is good to use and red when it has passed that.

A few years on, and the UWI Label has had much interest globally and significantly beyond the food industry in aerospace, life sciences, cosmetics and the list goes on. In fact, anywhere where a product degrades, becoming less effective or even harmful over time after opening or mixing.

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Simple to read and understandMany products in the workplace and the home ‘go off’ over time once opened, but how much time and from when? The UWI Label has a simple graphical and universally understood colour coded display. It allows you to clearly see when a container was first opened and what time is left before the product should be discarded.
Simple to applyThis pliable label can be applied to the product by the manufacturer using standard tamper-proof labelling equipment during the packaging and labelling process or you can apply the label yourself when you open, mix or defrost a product.
Simple to useThe label is automatically activated as you open the container; or if being self-applied; as you remove the peel and stick label from the sheet.
Many different applicationsThe UWI Label can be used on individual use products or refillable containers, from small vials through to bulk size. The UWI Label is relevant to a very wide range of industries including food, cosmetics, life sciences, aerospace and industry; the list goes on.
Reduces riskWorking alongside current processes, the UWI Label provides a clear indication of when a product is still safe to use or should be discarded, so you no longer need to risk it or bin it? In many cases you won’t even know that you are risking it or what exactly you are risking. In the workplace, the use of the label can reduce the risk of needing to repeat a job and the time and financial costs associated with that.
Reduces wasteThe UWI label helps you manage and prioritise use of your products and utilise them within their ‘best’ range rather than being uncertain and having to decide whether to risk it or bin it.
Saves moneyThe UWI Label can save you the cost of unnecessarily replacing still good and effective products; And additionally in the workplace, the costs of the safe disposal of discarded products such as chemicals, having to redo a job or fines for non-compliance.
Adaptable designThe UWI Label is available in different elapsed timeframes, label sizes and colours, and for many container types, end packaging manufacturing processes and using both automatic and manual UWI Label activation.
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