New UWI electronic Label with added functionality

New to the active and intelligent packaging market, UWI Technology is developing an electronic label, which offers additional…

Read More 26th November 2016

Red and Green – Not Just for Christmas!

The UWI Label’s colour-coded display is what makes it universally understood and so reassuringly simple. Green indicates safe consumption or…
Read More 13th October 2016

Brand Protection is Simple with the UWI Label

The UWI Label is an elapsed time indicator. It is activated automatically and once started, it cannot be…

Read More 29th September 2016

Whats in a label?

Food security is a critical issue affecting millions worldwide. Yet, an astonishing amount of food is wasted globally each day.…
Read More 10th October 2015

The Price of Beauty

Most people don’t think twice about discarding old food when there’s a possible safety risk, but what about cosmetics?


Read More 20th August 2015

UWI at the PwC Private Business Awards

PwC Awards by Pic Peter Devlin

UWI’s award-winning label has recently been recognised for its smart technology by the…
Read More 25th June 2015

Pete’s Story

It was a Saturday in the Spring of 2008. It had been a hard week at my multimedia modelling company…
Read More 5th October 2013

It’s Not Rocket Science

The UWI Label is a simple idea. But making simple ideas work effectively isn’t always simple. That’s why UWI works…
Read More 5th September 2013

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