In an industry where safety is everything, there is no room for error.

Your reputation, brand and operation relies upon efficient, stable and fail-safe systems and processes working together, throughout the compliance chain.

Unique, clear and accurate, the UWI Label redefines the management of time-expired and consumable products.


Improves safetythe UWI Label significantly reduces the risk of human error in using out of date, sub-standard, ineffective or even harmful products as part of the MRO programme
Reduces waste the UWI Label works with your stock control and part-used consumables management systems and will significantly reduce the number of consumables thrown away
More efficient the UWI Label is easy to understand, meaning no more wasted man hours trying to look for and decipher hand written or obscured labels, and no more costly reworking
Flexible and adaptablethe UWI label is ideal for use on a wide range of products used in aerospace, including paint, adhesives, sealants, lubricants, greases and many more.

For manufacturers of consumables

There are real benefits for aircraft manufacturers and Airworthiness Management and Maintenance organisations, as well as those who supply them where the UWI Label is applied as part of the product manufacturing process.

Your customers waste thousands of pounds every year by throwing away products before the end of their useable life.

The UWI Label can help you support your customers avoid waste, reduce cost and improve safety and efficiency, placing your business at the cutting edge of aerospace innovation.

Aircraft manufacture and MRO

The UWI Label removes the risk of human error associated with short shelf-life and time-degrading products in aircraft manufacture and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul.

Hand-written labels can be hard to read or batch numbers can be partially obscured by spilt product. Valuable time is wasted trying to find paperwork or batch numbers to establish when it was mixed or opened and if it is still good to use. If in doubt, products ranging from sealants, adhesives and paints to greases and lubricants are simply thrown away.

The UWI Label avoids this unnecessary wastage of goods, time and money, by showing at a glance, whether a consumable is good to use.

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