From aircraft manufacture to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), there is never any room for doubt.

The cost of getting it wrong can run into the tens of thousands. The use of any consumable item that has exceeded its shelf life or has not been stored or used correctly, immediately compromises its Certificate of Conformity and the airworthiness of the aircraft it has been applied or fitted to.

Errors can lead to lost man hours, to reworking, significantly increased costs, the premature removal and replacement of parts, to Aircraft on the Ground (AOG) and non-compliance. That’s before you even consider the obvious and potentially catastrophic ramifications for safety.


Improves safetythe UWI Label substantially reduces risks associated with time-ex products, providing an additional barrier to human error as part of aircraft manufacture, base and line maintenance and Safety Management Systems
Reduces wastethe UWI Label is an accurate, simple visual indicator of shelf life. It reduces waste and improves safety by providing a record of time elapsed since a product was opened, mixed or re-tested
Saves moneythe UWI Label reduces product wastage, avoiding re-working, lost man hours, the early replacement of parts and a costly disruption to supply or service. It also safeguards your reputation

Supporting Risk Management

The imperative to avoid risk means that according to research, more than 30% of consumables and time-ex products purchased for use in aircraft manufacture and MRO, are wasted.

This is because they have either reached the end of their shelf life or because the elapsed time from the point of opening or mixing, has not been recorded effectively.

In providing an immediately visible visual reference of shelf life or how long a product can be used from opening or potting, the UWI Label eliminates risk, reduces wastage and supports Continuing Airworthiness Management and Maintenance. (94 words)

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