Your customers throw away a staggering 30% of consumables every year. This is because they have either reached the end of their shelf life or because the time from opening or mixing has not been recorded effectively.

Hand-written labels can be hard to read or batch numbers can be partially obscured by spilt product. Valuable time is wasted trying to find paperwork or batch numbers to establish when it was mixed or opened and if it is still good to use.

The consequences of using expired products can be non-compliance, aircraft on the ground, and ultimately, passenger safety. But the premature replacement of products increases man-hours and costs.

The UWI Solution

The UWI Label can support your customers in managing the pot life of consumable products, as they can see at a glance whether it is still good to use or needs to be replaced.

Ideal for products such as:

  • paints
  • adhesives
  • sealants
  • greases
  • lubricants
  • structural films
  • penetrants


  • Clearest display– understood at a glance and from a few meters distance, the UWI label has one of the clearest displays of any time indicator label. Universal colour code – green is good, red is bad.
  • Tailor made – various elements are customized to suit: artwork, label size, timeframe, etc. As a small company, our advantage stems from our flexibility, speed and tight control over the entire process from design to manufacture.
  • Unique technology– many years of rigorous scientific and technical development have refined our unique microfluidic technology. So when the UWI Label is green, you can be really confident a product is safe to use.
  • Removes human error – automatically activated when the product seal is broken, no need to remember to activate the label.


  • Reduces risk – of using out of date, sub-standard, ineffective or even harmful products; allows manufacturers to set an actual rather than theoretical use within date for products which only degrade on opening.
  • Reduces waste – works with your stock control and part-used consumables management systems to ensure products are used at their best quality and will significantly reduce the number of consumables thrown away.
  • Reduces costs– no more costly reworking, saves staff time trying to look for and decipher hand written or obscured labels, reduced waste is reduced cost.
  • Builds your brand – helps you stand out in a crowded market, by supporting your customers in getting more out of your products; acts as a driver for repeat sales.

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