Your customers waste thousands of pounds each year by throwing away products before the end of their useable life.

But the true costs of inefficient stock control can be far greater. Time is wasted while employees search for paperwork or attempt to decipher obscured shelf-life or use-by dates. Errors can lead to costly reworking. In extreme cases, mistakes can result in Aircraft on the Ground, disruption to service, delays and even catastrophic safety failure.

The UWI Label helps you support your customers in avoiding waste, reducing cost and improving safety and efficiency, placing your business at the cutting edge of aerospace innovation.


Support customer goals by reducing wastethe UWI Label allows you to support aircraft manufacturers and Airworthiness Management and Maintenance Organisations in driving increased efficiencies through their MRO programmes.
Help customers reduce risks and improve safetyas well as providing clear, accurate labelling to quickly identify whether a product is safe to use, the UWI Label also reduces the risk around the products that you supply
A Unique Selling Point for youthe UWI Label will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, driving higher value sales and increasing customer loyalty
Designed for youas a highly flexible product, the UWI Label is also highly adaptable. It works with your existing packaging to reinforce your brand.

Helping build your brand

Offering your customers the simple, yet high-tech UWI Label solution as part of their own shelf life and Safety Management Systems, helps your business and product stand out. Ensuring your customers meet their own efficiency and safety goals, is a key driver of repeat business.

The UWI Label is extremely flexible and comes in a wide range of sizes and colours, can be adapted to fit almost any product, and can be carefully aligned to fit your existing branding.

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