Labeling on health and beauty products is problematic for consumers for several reasons. They can be unaware of the Period After Opening (PAO) information; unsure of what it means; or not able to read it, printed on the outer packaging, thrown away when the product was first purchased.

Due to their high costs, it is tempting to keep using a health or beauty product right down to the last drop. Not being able to remember when you bought (or first opened) a beauty product is not always risky. But there are some exceptions:

  • Products that have become contaminated and could cause infectiong. mascara
  • Products with active ingredients, which are no longer effective e.g. containing Vitamin A or C
  • Products that have lost their effectiveness, so no longer safe e.g. sunscreen
  • Products whose effect has changed over time to be undesirable e.g. hair dye

The UWI Solution

The UWI Label allows your customers to tell at a glance when a product needs replaced, ensuring that they always have the most effective and safe product.

Unique Features

Clearest displayUnderstood at a glance and from a few meters distance, the UWI label has one of the clearest displays of any time indicator label. Universal colour code - green is good, red is bad.
Tailor made Various elements are customized to suit: artwork, label size, timeframe, etc. As a small company, our advantage stems from our flexibility, speed and tight control over the entire process from design to manufacture.
Unique technologyMany years of rigorous scientific and technical development have refined our unique microfluidic technology. So when the UWI Label is green, you can be really confident a product is safe to use.
Removes human error Automatically activated when the container is opened, no need to remember to activate the label, no need to remember when you purchased or first opened it.

Health & Beauty Benefits

Reduces riskReduces risk of using out of date, ineffective or even harmful products that you can’t see or smell are no longer safe for use.
Empowers your customersEmpowers your customers to make informed purchase decisions. They know when your products are still effective and have a visual reminder when best to rebuy.
Encourages brand loyalty Provides your customer with a clear added benefit over competitive products so encourages brand loyalty more frequent repeat purchase.
Compliance and reputation Assists your customers to adhere to the PAO guidance. This has an added benefit of protecting brand reputation by putting customer safety ahead of your competitors.

Ideal for:

  • mascara or eye liner
  • contact lens peroxide solution
  • products with low preservatives or anti-bacterial agents
  • products containing Vitamin A or C
  • sunscreen
  • beauty products containing sunscreen
  • self tanning products
  • hair dye

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