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Labelling on cosmetics and skincare products is often confusing to consumers. They are often unaware of the Period After Opening (PAO) guidance and what is means and it has often been discarded with the secondary packaging, months before they need to refer to it

Unique, clear and accurate, the UWI Label empowers your customers, ensuring that they always have the most effective and safe product.

Most products will pose little or no risk to health if used beyond their recommended PAO time. But some:

  • Will become less effective – not ideal is this is the very effect the customer has paid for, such as vitamin A and C products
  • May put your health at risk – such as sun screen products that should ideally be discarded after 12months to ensure efficacy
  • May change effect – such as the out of date self-tan, nobody wants to glow orange
  • May even become potentially harmful – causing irritation or infection, such as a contaminated mascara


Empowers your customerEnsuring that they always have the most effective product and know when to rebuy. The UWI label is applied as part of the primary packaging and is automatically activated as the product is opened so the customer can always clearly see whether the product is within its effective and safe use-within period, or not. And so encouraging customers to throw away and replace out of date products.
Protects your customerFor when you can’t see or smell that a product is beyond its best, the UWI Label helps protect your customers by assisting them to adhere to the PAO guidance and discard products that are no longer safe for use.
Encourages brand loyaltyEnsuring that your customers always have the most effective product and enabling to them to identify when a product may be ineffective or unsafe to use provides the customer with a clear added benefit over competitive products and will encourage more frequent repeat purchasing.
Fits with your branding and packagingThe label is both flexible in terms of rigidity but also in terms of design, size, placement and colour so that it can fit your brand guidelines and and can be applied as part of your current labelling process.
Available in a range of timeframesThe UWI Label is available in a wide range of timeframes, from hours to months, to suit a wide range of different products from short life C enzyme products, to eye liners and mascara and through to self tans and sun tan lotions.
Assists meeting regulatory complianceIts more than just a nice to have, applying the UWI label addresses safety concerns and is timely with the tightening of safety regulations.

Ideal for:

Products that can become more easily contaminated and spread infection such as

  • Mascaras
  • Eye Liners
  • contact lens peroxide solution
  • organic and natural product based creams and treatments
  • those with low levels of paraben preservatives and anti-bacterial agents

Products that contain active ingredients and become less effective such as

  • Anti-aging, anti-acne and high-end; creams and treatments, containing Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin C
  • Exclusive and bespoke skincare products

Products that we rely on their effectiveness for UV protection such as

  • Sun creams and oils
  • Sun screening make-ups

Products that change effect over time such as

  • self tans
  • hair colouring

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