Food and Drink

The food and drink industry is under pressure to demonstrate ever greater transparency both in terms of product composition and operations.

High profile food safety scandals and concerns around unacceptable levels of food waste continue to attract public, political and media attention.

So consumers are looking to manufacturers, producers and retailers – big and small – to act responsibly. The challenge is significant but reputations are at stake.

Manufacturers and retailers need to take action and be seen to do so. The UWI Label provides a visible and reliable way to demonstrate this commitment to consumer.

A user- friendly, non-toxic label applied to the outside of packaging, the UWI Label uses unique technology to monitor how long a food or drink product is safe to eat after opening.

Designed to be used alongside conventional on-pack date information, the UWI Label delivers valuable end-user advantages:

  • A simple, visual guide which shows at a glance whether a product is safe to use
  • Universally understood, colour-coded warning of product degradation
  • A convenient, easy to use, integrated tool which requires no additional steps on their part
  • Reduced risk of using out of date, sub-standard or even harmful products
  • Greater protection against food safety scares
  • ┬áMore efficient stock control
  • Less unnecessary waste.

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