Quality and trust

Consumers who choose to purchase artisan and independent brands expect exceptional quality. They value the added satisfaction of supporting small scale producers with lower environmental impact.

Reducing household food waste is naturally a major concern for this ethically-minded audience. So how can producers help give consumers the confidence to enjoy food at its best and avoid unnecessary wastage?

Real time solution

The UWI Label offers an innovative and accurate approach to monitoring how long a food or drink product is safe to eat after opening.

Applied to the outside of food packs, the non-toxic UWI Label incorporates an embedded, elapsed time indicator strip which is automatically activated when the product is opened; progressively changing from green to red according to a pre-set time period.

Consistently reliable across refrigerated and ambient products, the UWI Label can be tailored to individual product timescales. Its versatile design can also be adjusted according to pack specifications and artwork.

Working alongside conventional on-pack date information, the UWI Label allows producers to:

  • Ensure consumers consistently experience a quality product
  • Create a point of difference against competitor
  • Help build consumer loyalty and trust
  • Support waste reduction targets
  • Improve consumer safety by ensuring products are consumed at their best.

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