Enhanced safety

Safety standards for baby food products are a particularly sensitive and emotive area. Fuelled by widespread media coverage of high profile scandals and product recalls, public, political and industry concern remains strong. Manufacturers who recognise and respond to this demand for ever-greater safety measures will not only gain competitive brand advantage, but also consumer trust and loyalty.

Given the potential risk to infant health, many parents/carers will take the safest course of action and discard questionable products – even those that may still be safe.

So what can be done to address the escalating issue of food waste and help consumers reduce food expenditure?

Real time solution

The UWI Label offers an innovative and accurate approach to monitoring how long a baby food product is safe to eat after opening.

Applied to the outside of food packs, the non-toxic UWI Label incorporates an embedded, elapsed time indicator strip which is automatically activated when the product is opened; progressively changing from green to red according to a pre-set time period.

Consistently reliable across refrigerated and ambient products, the UWI Label can be tailored to individual product timescales. Its versatile design can be adjusted according to individual pack specifications and artwork.

Far reaching benefits

  • Working alongside conventional on-pack date information, the UWI Label allows manufacturers to:
  • Reduce the risk of a food safety scare or product recall
  • Boost corporate reputation by demonstrating commitment to food safety and quality
  • Help build consumer trust and loyalty
  • Create a point of difference against competitors
  • Challenge the perception that home cooking is a safer and more controllable option by offering a reliable – more convenient – alternative
  • Protect brand value
  • Support waste reduction targets

UWI expertise

To find out more about the advantages of the UWI Label, the rigorous science behind its development and just how easy it is to apply across a wide range of products, please do get in touch.

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