Most of the products that you work with every day will have an expiry date and instructions that state that once opened or mixed the contents should be used within a specific period of time.

Manufacturers spend large amounts of resources researching the maximum shelf life of their products and for you it can be a huge task ensuring that these dates are monitored and adhered to, not only in the pharmacy but once the product is with the end user.

The UWI Label can help you ensure that safety and product effectiveness are optimised and regulatory requirements are met.


Used alongside your current processes the UWI label reduces risk by giving a clear indication of when a product is still safe to use or should be discarded.

Ideal for products such as:

  • Parenteral Nutrition and other Intravenous fluids mixed in the pharmacy or on the ward
  • Antibiotics and other liquid medicines reconstituted in the Pharmacy
  • Eye drops, Insulin and other multi-dose vials or any product with a high risk of contamination once opened
  • Enteral feeding products that may be opened and used for more than one feed
  • Products purchased in bulk and decanted into smaller containers
  • Creams, ointments and other topical treatments
  • Products “manufactured” in the pharmacy
  • Emergency drug boxes made up for the wards, ambulances, emergency Doctor Service etc.
  •  Specialist cleaning products for disinfection and sterilisation
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