As a supplier of sterile supplies you will invest time and resources researching the required expiry dates for your products and the period of time that you will recommend the product be used for once opened. This can be costly and does not always ensure that the product will be used as recommended. End users are looking for an easy way to monitor the time for changing a product and for maintaining good stock control. If you can support them with this, it is likely that you will have fewer complaints and more repeat orders.


The UWI Label makes monitoring use/change within times simple and effective. This leads to improve patient care and reduced infection/contamination risks, giving customer satisfaction and increased orders for the manufacturer.

Ideal for products such as:

  • High value implants such as joint replacements, stents, valves etc.
  • Surgical “tools” such as drills, blades and saws
  • In dwelling urinary catheters
  • Infusion sets
  • Arterial pressure monitoring kits
  • Feeding tubes
  • Endo tracheal tubes and tracheostomy tubes
  • Ventilation circuits
  • Anaesthetic circuits
  • Humidification chambers
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Haemodialysis sets
  • Dressings
  • Wound drainage systems
  • Biological sample collection systems
  • Products for Blood transfusion, grafting and transplantation
  • Theatre kits
  • Procedure kits
  • Patient Isolation care products
  •  Cardiac bypass and ECMO circuits
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