It becomes more difficult each day to fight the war against infection. The Infection control team within your healthcare setting create policies and procedures for cleaning, sterilising and changing of equipment and consumables used in patient care, and the team caring for the patient will implement the policies and procedures.

Many products have an expiry date and instructions to use within a certain period of time after opening, which can be difficult to monitor.

As a healthcare provider you need a simple, reliable method of monitoring dates for when a product should no longer be used or needs changing.


The UWI label helps you to reduce risk and improve patient care by giving a clear indication of when a product should be discarded or replaced.

Ideal for products such as:

Sterilisation and disinfection Sterile unopened packs
Solutions used for cleaning and disinfection
PharmaceuticalsEmergency drug boxes
IV Fluids
Drugs e.g. insulin and liquid antibiotics
Patient Consumables
- IV giving sets
- In situ cannulae
- Ventilator circuits
- In dwelling catheters and catheter bags
- Wound care
NutritionEnteral nutrition
Parenteral nutrition
Breast milk
Suction units
Endoscopy sets
Pre-set equipment checks
Anaesthetic machines
Blood and Blood Products
Fridges/Microwaves etc. on ward kitchens
Hand sanitation solutions
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