• UWI stands for ‘Use WIthin’ and is pronounced yoo-wee.
  • The UWI label displays how much is left of the ‘use within’ period (the period after opening).
  • UWI Technology Limited was established in 2009 by Pete Higgins, Chief Executive and inventor of the UWI Label.
  • Years of development has gone into creating this unique, patented label, using microfluidic technology.
  • The UWI Label has one of the clearest displays of any elapsed time indicator label on the market; it can be viewed from a distance and understood in an instant.
  • It is activated automatically when the container is opened; unlike others, there is no need to remember to activate the label.
  • As a small company, our advantage stems from our flexibility, speed and tight control over the entire process from design to manufacture.
  • UWI Technology Limited is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK with manufacturing in the USA.
  • To date, UWI Technology has raised more than $3million of investment.
  • UWI Technology was the first Scottish company to receive funding from a wholly US based angel syndicate. The syndicate was established solely to invest in the UWI Label.

The UWI Label has a great story and is relevant to many products and sectors. Please do get in touch if you are interested in talking to one of the team and finding out more.



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