Parents and carers must follow numerous guidelines: (best before, use by, once opened) to ensure that there is no risk to infant health. Yet there is usually more than one individual caring for an infant, which makes it even more difficult to stick to guidelines. This is due to a multitude of factors, including an increase in the number of mothers going to work, an increase in the use of professional childcare and the boosted involvement of fathers and grandparents in childcare. Not being able to remember or not knowing when a product was purchased (or first opened) is risky.

Time restricted parents are prepared to pay a higher price for baby food, which is conveniently packaged as well as nutritious and tasty. How do you, as a brand owner, preserve your brand quality? How can you ensure that your products are consumed at their best once they leave the retailer?

There is a solution.

The UWI Solution

The UWI Timer allows your customers to tell at a glance the open life of a product, ensuring children’s safety and that children always consume the products at their best.

Unique Features

Clearest displayUnderstood at a glance and from a few meters distance, the UWI Timer has the clearest display of any time indicator. Universal colour code: green is good, red is bad.
Tailor made Various elements are customized to suit: artwork, label size, timeframe, etc. As a small company, our advantage stems from our flexibility, speed and tight control over the entire process from design to manufacture.
Unique technologyMany years of rigorous scientific and technical development have refined our unique microfluidic technology. When the UWI Timer is green, you can rest assured a product is safe to use.
Removes human errorAutomatically activated when the container is opened, meaning there is no need to remember to activate the timer and no need to remember when you purchased or first opened it.

Baby Food Benefits

Reduces risk Reduces risk of using out of date or even harmful products that you can’t see or smell are no longer safe.
Ensures brand quality Helps the customer identify when your products are at their best quality, thus maintaining your brand reputation and differentiation.
Reduces waste Empowers your customers to manage their weekly food purchases and waste less. They know when your products are still safe and have a visual reminder of when to throw the product out.
Encourages brand loyalty Provides your customer with added benefits, encouraging their brand loyalty and more frequent purchases. Also provides your customer with a visual reminder of when to rebuy.

Ideal for:

  • Baby food
  • Baby milk
  • Organic, natural products
  • Ready meals for children

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