UWI Technology is actively seeking smart investment.


To date, UWI Technology has raised more than $3million through investment rounds in 2012 and 2014.

In 2012, UWI Technology was the first Scottish company to receive funding from a US based angel syndicate. The syndicate was established when Douglas Cribbes, then President of TAESL (a joint venture company between Rolls-Royce and American Airlines) saw the potential of the UWI Timer in the aerospace industry. He brought together a group of senior aerospace executives to establish Aero-Den specifically to invest in UWI. Douglas Cribbes is the current Chairman of UWI Technology bringing his vast experience of the aerospace industry to the team.

Building on the highly fruitful ‘smart investment’ of Aero-Den, UWI commenced a second round of investment in 2014. UWI’s strategy was to select investors who could bring relevant advice and expertise to the business. Mark Little, previously Managing Director of Barclays Wealth in Scotland, was instrumental in engaging these key investors and securing more than £500,000 of investment. Mark Little sits on the UWI Board as a Non-Executive Director of UWI Technology.

UWI Technology has further secured significant funding from the Scottish Investment Bank and has won a number of competitive business funds.


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