Helping fight the battle against infection

the hands of patients getting intravenous solution for chemotherapy

It becomes more difficult each day to fight the war against infection. Bacteria are becoming more resistant to antibiotics  and the rise in conditions such as diabetes make us more susceptible to infection.

The Infection control team within your healthcare setting create policies and procedures for cleaning, sterilising and changing of equipment and consumables used in patient care, and the team caring for the patient will implement the policies and procedures.

Many products have an expiry date and instructions to use within a certain period of time after opening. The problem is that teams may struggle to monitor (and therefore act on) the sheer volume of expiry dates for every product, for every patient, all the time. Dates are likely to be recorded on a hand written label or on the patients’ notes. These can get torn, ink can smudge, and handwriting can sometimes be illegible.

The consequences of a product being used for longer than it should be are reduced effectiveness and safety. But replacing it too soon, puts pressure on budgets and staff time.

Luckily there is a solution.

Working alongside current processes, the UWI Label offers an innovative and accurate solution. This smart label allows staff to determine at a glance when a product should no longer be used or needs changing. Our universal visual language of green (good) or red (bad) means anyone can understand the UWI Label in an instant.

blurred figures wearing medical uniforms in hospital surgery corridor


  • Clearest display– understood at a glance and from a few meters distance, the UWI label has one of the clearest displays of any time indicator label.
  • Universal colour code – green is good, red is bad
    Tailor made – various elements are customized to suit: artwork, label size, timeframe, etc. As a small company, our advantage stems from our flexibility, speed and tight control over the entire process from design to manufacture.
  • Unique technology– many years of rigorous scientific and technical development have refined our unique microfluidic technology. So when the UWI Label is green, you can be really confident a product is safe to use.
  • Remove human error – automatically activated when the label is attached, no need to remember to activate the label, no problems with reading the date label, you can spot a date expiry at a glance


  • Reduces risk – of infection, by enhancing the current processes, not replacing them. A date label is used in tandem with the UWI Label to reduce risk.
  • Reduces waste – as you do not discard good and effective products. It improves stock management, and ensures products are used at their best quality.
  • Reduces costs– less waste, shorter patient stay due to effective treatments, saves staff time – know instantly what requires attention
  • Improves patient comfort – from effective change frequency, and more effective and consistent treatment

a bag of transfusion blood

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