The medical sector is a high precision, high cost and highly risk conscious environment that requires robust risk mitigation and certainty.

Patient comfort and safety rely on the constant monitoring of equipment, products and processes to ensure that they continue to perform in the most effective way.

Laboratory research is time sensitive for interpretation of results at each stage of testing, reading, analysis, and recording.

Unique, clear and accurate, the UWI Timer reinvents the monitoring of time sensitive products/processes. It helps your organisation to excel at patient care from the lab, to the ward and then home again.

The UWI Solution

The UWI Timer allows you to determine at a glance whether a product or process needs attention. It reduces risk, reduces waste, reduces costs and ultimately improves patient care.

The UWI Timer is applicable to products such as:

  • Joint replacements, stents and valves
  • In situ cannulae and catheters
  • IV sets and fluids
  • Blood and tissue¬†sample¬†collection or in the laboratory
  • Laboratory chemicals, assays and reagents
  • Antibiotics, insulin and live vaccines
  • Products ‘manufactured’ in the pharmacy
  • Emergency drug boxes for wards or ambulances
  • Hospital curtains and other furnishings

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